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Fancy a Free Yoga Class ?

Updated: Jun 15

Not ready to take out out Intro offer just yet ? No Problem.....

Instead why not take advantage of our free gift of health to you - A Free Yoga Class* on us ! send as an email with your details along with the date and time of the class you would like to attend and let us do the rest

*space permitting & 1 class per new member

It can be daunting when trying something new for the first time, especially when you may have seen and heard so many stories from friends, family or on social media about yoga, and start to convince yourself that maybe Yoga is just not for you.

Maybe some of those thoughts you have as a result are along the lines of :

  • I'm not flexible enough

  • I'm too old

  • I'm too fat

  • And if you're a man, then "Only women do yoga"

  • I don't understand the language of yoga

  • Its all too confusing

  • I don't care for all the spiritual stuff

  • etc., etc., etc.

Well, you aren't alone, a lot of our students thought the same thing to start with, infact I did too, and now I teach this wonderful healing practice to students every day.

All we ask is that you show up with an open and flexible mind, and just enjoy the process, you will be surprised at how much you actually enjoy it and I promise you that you will feel amazing after your class; mind & body.

This is why so many of our students come back, time and time again and have done so for many years. This is also the reason why we have international students that are visiting Manchester just drop in for a class; because it works and is proven to have a beneficial effect on both the body and more importantly; your mind.

Harvard studies among others have show that a Hot Yoga Practice can help reduce depression with just one class a week:

So if you are ready to give this wonderful ancient healing practice a try, join us for a free class, just send us an email with your details and we will do the rest, and if after your first class you are ready to continue your journey, we have our Intro offer for you, so you can keep your body and mind mobile and alert.

“You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.” BC.



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