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General FAQs

Take a read of some of our most commonly asked questions below.


If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us at: where a member of our team will be happy to assist.

  • First, welcome, let’s get you started on your yoga journey with us. The first thing is to download Free Glofox App on your mobile device from Google Play or Apple Store. Then search for Hot Yoga Manchester once there sign up and purchase one the relevant class packs or membership from the available selection and you are good to go ahead and book your classes. Why not take advantage of our Introductory offer £40 for 30 days (10% OFF) Simples!!!! 

  • Absolutely! Sure thing! This series consists of 26 basic hatha yoga poses and two breathing exercises, making it perfect for beginners. It is designed to be suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. In the words of Hot Yoga 26&2, "You're never too old, never too bad, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again." 

  • Certainly! Absolutely, affirmatively! Stating that you are too inflexible for yoga is like declaring that you are too hungry to eat. Both flexible and less flexible bodies will derive benefits from this class. 

  • At Hot Yoga Manchester, our students often ask this question, and we understand that many students have concerns about the series, about Hot Yoga 26&2 itself, the heat, and the discipline in class. Think of Hot Yoga 26&2 as a prescription; follow the instructions, and you will be just fine! (And do not forget to breathe!) This practice has positively impacted millions worldwide and can help you achieve your goals for a healthy, happy life. All we ask is for you to show up and do your best, nothing more and nothing less.

    Our instructors are certified in Hot Yoga 26&2 & Hot Inferno Pilates as well as the other forms of yoga we offer and are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience. Additionally, there will be plenty of other students at the studio to talk to before and after class. They can share their experiences and offer reassurance that you are in safe hands.

  • Some but not all the benefits are: 

    Detoxification – the heat gently amplifies blood flow by expanding capillaries, facilitating improved oxygenation and regeneration of the blood. This process deeply detoxifies, enhancing the overall function of your major organs.

    Weight loss – the heat promotes effective fat burning and regulates metabolism. The calories burned in a Hot Yoga 26&2 class surpass those in other yoga styles, attributed to the intensive effort exerted during and after class, as the body works hard to restore homeostasis. Regular practice leads to noticeable changes, encouraging better dietary choices and increased water intake.

    Mental clarity – Hot Yoga 26&2, practiced in the heat, challenges both body and mind, pushing them to limits. Stepping beyond your comfort zone in class facilitates better coping with daily life challenges, fostering enhanced confidence, improved self-esteem, emotional stability, and a literal and metaphorical elevation in posture.

    Yoga glow – Sweating in class releases toxins and detoxifies pores, benefiting the skin, the body's largest organ. The post-class "yoga glow" is tangible, leaving your skin rejuvenated and radiant. This effect not only improves sleep quality but also boosts overall energy levels.

    Improved immunity – Hot Yoga 26&2 promotes mental relaxation, reduces stress hormones, and stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in toxin elimination and optimizing organ functionality. Recognized pillars of good health—sleep, exercise, and clean eating—are complemented by the immune-boosting effects of hot yoga.

    Flexibility – The heat, coupled with increased blood flow to limbs, immediately enhances flexibility. Muscles relax in the warmth, allowing the body to move more freely. A warm body can achieve greater twists, bends, and stretches, providing a gentle massage to both internal and external elements—an especially valuable benefit for tired or injured bodies.

  • Kindly remember to bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, and two towels to your session. Use one towel during practice, placing it on top of your mat, and reserve the other for showering or drying off after class. For class, we suggest a long towel that adequately covers most of your mat (smaller towels, like flannels or hand towels, will not suffice). Along with these essentials, the only other thing you need to bring is an open mind and a smile – and enjoy the class!

  • Most importantly, make sure you arrive at class well-hydrated. The specifics vary for each person and may change as your practice develops. While water is the ideal choice, staying hydrated can involve sports drinks, electrolyte tablets in water, squash, juice, milk, herbal tea, or coconut water. As you continue your practice, you will figure out what works best for you. Be cautious not to overconsume liquids during class, as it may lead to discomfort and distract both you and your fellow students. Consider adopting the habit of hydrating adequately before class, even if it takes some time to establish.

    We suggest having a meal two to three hours before class, though preferences differ among individuals. Some individuals may prefer a light snack like nuts, a porridge pot, or a banana about an hour before, while others find their regular meals sufficient. Generally, having an empty stomach is preferable to a full one to avoid potential nausea during class. However, inadequate pre-class food intake may leave some feeling weak and overwhelmed. If you notice low energy or nausea during class, communicate with the teacher and reflect on your dietary choices that day. While there are no strict rules as everyone is different, paying attention to your body's signals and providing it with proper nourishment is essential.

  • Dress in whatever makes you feel most at ease and allows your body to sweat. Embrace the sweat; it is a vital part of the detoxification process and aids in keeping your body cool. Resist the urge to wipe it away let it flow!

    Common choices include leggings or shorts (shorts are particularly useful for observing thigh contractions in the mirror) paired with a vest top, crop top, or t-shirt. Men are welcome to practice shirtless.

    Inside the yoga room, students should go barefoot unless there is a medical reason requiring footwear, in which case, please inform the teacher before class. A small favour to ask—ensure that your bottoms have a snug-fitting underlayer.

    Regardless of your attire, remember that we are a welcoming community where no one is scrutinizing your choice. Bikram Yoga creates an environment without judgment. As you immerse yourself in this practice, you will quickly discover a space where you can shed self-judgment and recognize the incredible nature of your body.

  • We strongly recommend pre-booking your classes online. Simply download our Glofox App on to your mobile device, search for Hot Yoga Manchester and then sign up. Another way is to visit our website's Schedule page, click on the 'sign-up' button, and follow the instructions. Glofox also allows you to purchase a pass or membership and reserve your spot in the class. It also facilitates easy cancellation of your class booking. If you are unable to attend, we kindly ask that you cancel as soon as possible. This ensures that, during peak times, other students can join their preferred class. If you encounter any challenges with online cancellation or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us through our mobile number via phone call. You will not be able to use Glofox to cancel your class 2 hours before class time, so you must call the studio and speak to our Studio Manager - Stephen.

  • Our address is Unit 3A Progress Centre, Charlton Place, Manchester M12 6HS

    There is plenty of parking nearby as well as other nearby car parking facilities. Our studio is located within walking distance of local bus stops and Piccadilly Station. 

  • Stephen our studio manager is always on site along with a Karma Yogi and the teacher handling student check-ins, and to ensure a smooth start, we lock the door a couple of minutes before class to allow everyone to settle before the start of class. It is crucial to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. Please be aware that arriving late may result in missing the entire class. Punctuality is part of a yoga practice. 

    If you anticipate running behind schedule, give us a call immediately before the class begins to inform us of your situation. While late entry is discouraged, depending on circumstances, the teacher may try to accommodate you within the first two to five minutes of class without disrupting others. This is solely at the teacher's discretion. If you arrive later or we are unaware of your presence at the door, attending class that day may not be feasible.

    We understand the disappointment of missing a class, and it is up to you to ensure that you plan accordingly and provide yourself with ample time to arrive. In the event you do miss a class, take a deep breath, embrace a day off, and rest assured that we will be here for you next time.

  • Always in the first instance seek advice from your health professional. Engaging in new exercises during pregnancy is generally not advisable. However, if you have been consistently practicing Hot Yoga 26&2 for at least six months, it is reasonable to continue with certain modifications. Given that your body temperature is naturally elevated during pregnancy, consider positioning yourself in a cooler section of the room. Additionally, avoid compressions or lying on your back. It is essential to inform your teacher about your pregnancy so that they can provide necessary adjustments and support during your practice. Modifications are available and your teacher will offer modifications during your practice, but as always if you feel unwell, then it is best to sit out. 

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