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How to Be a Yoga Student and Get the Most Out of the Student/Teacher Relationship

Welcome to Hot Yoga Manchester (HYMcr). As your guide to Bikram Yoga, Studio Manager, head of marketing and customer service, I want to share insights on how to maximize your practice and the student/teacher relationship. These tips, drawn from years of observation and experience, will help you enhance your yoga journey.

1. Be a Student (Aparigraha)

No matter how advanced your practice, always adopt the mindset of a student. Approach each class with an open mind, especially when encountering a new teacher. Avoid comparing teachers or their methods. Every teacher offers unique insights, and staying open allows you to learn and grow from each experience.

2. Overlook Imperfections (Aparigraha)

Yoga teachers, like students, are on a continuous journey of learning and development. They may mispronounce asanas, forget sequences, or make mistakes. Focus on the teachings rather than the imperfections. The essence of yoga lies in its timeless principles, which transcend individual flaws.

3. Trust the Process (Aparigraha)

Yoga involves an implicit trust between teacher and student. The teaching methods may sometimes seem unconventional, but trust the process. Allow yourself to be guided and remain open to the experience. When you fully engage with the instructions, you’ll discover the transformative power of yoga.

4. Just Do It (Tapas)

Regular practice is key. Show up on your mat consistently, regardless of energy levels or external circumstances. Embrace the discipline of practice and avoid getting caught up in comparisons with others. Your progress is a personal journey.

5. Avoid Comparisons (Aparigraha, Asteya, Ahimsa)

Comparing yourself to others can hinder your progress. Negative thoughts like "I will never look like that" drain your energy and focus. Remember, yoga is about internal growth, not external appearances. Celebrate your own progress and stay committed to your path.

6. Do It the Teacher’s Way (Santosha)

Each teacher has a unique style. Whether the pace is fast or the focus is on breath and concentration, embrace the teacher’s method. Their guidance is intended to enhance your practice. Trust their approach and see how it benefits you.

7. Stay on Your Mat (Saucha, Ishvara-Pranidhana)

In a busy Bikram class, staying on your mat is crucial. Minimal but appropriate clothing is recommended to maintain comfort and modesty. Avoid excessive wiping or dousing with water during practice. Focus on the discipline of the practice without distractions.

8. Think About Your Towel (Bramicharya)

A proper towel is essential. It should be long enough to cover your mat but not too bulky. This helps maintain traction and comfort during practice. Adjust your towel minimally to avoid distractions and conserve your energy.

9. Remember: Yoga Is a Discipline (Tapas)

Yoga, especially Bikram Yoga, challenges both body and mind. Embrace the discipline required to practice in a heated environment. Regular practice will cultivate a sense of well-being and mindfulness, translating into everyday life.

10. Mind the Etiquette (Saucha, Asteya, Aparigraha)

Respect the etiquette and guidelines set by HYMcr. Familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions, which are rooted in traditional yoga ethics. Adhering to these principles enhances your practice and the overall experience for everyone.

A Deeply Personal Commitment

At HYMcr, our practice is close to our hearts. The studio feels like an extension of our home, and your journey is personal to us. We are dedicated to knowing you, offering tailored guidance, and encouraging your progress. This isn't just a job for us—it’s a vocation. Your experiences are integral to our lives, and we are privileged to be part of your yoga journey.

A Note on Inclusivity

We welcome everyone to our yoga community. However, we recognize that not all attitudes and behaviors are compatible with our environment. We ask that you engage with us respectfully and adhere to the guidelines for the benefit of all. Our goal is to foster a supportive and harmonious community where everyone can thrive.

Thank you for being part of HYMcr. We look forward to supporting your journey and witnessing your growth. Namaste.

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